There are certain Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the services of vivahajog.com website and our response to them as under:

  1. What is the main difference between vivahajog.com and other matrimonial .coms?
    The main difference is that vivahajog.com permits no free registration to misguide people with undesired profiles created by onlookers for pleasure.
  2. Is there any other difference?
    Yes.  Anyone can visit our site without Membership, ID and Password and have free access to contact number of any Grooms or Brides of their choice and can start marriage negotiation without payment or our consent.
  3. Then what is your source of income when you give free access to people?
    Membership Fee is our source of income like matrimonial ads in print media.
  4. Is this service has similarity to any other service providers?
    Yes.  The system and procedures of vivahajog.com website is similar to that of Matrimonial Ads in print media.
  5. Any other difference?
    Yes.  You have to take a Web-Membership with All India Marriage Co-ordination Centre for a specific period of your choice to place your bio-data and photograph free of cost on their website vivahajog.com .
  6. Any more difference between vivahajog.com and matrimonial ads in print media?
    Yes.  Matrimonial Ads in Print Medias’ are only for a day with limited circulation whereas vivahajog.com circulation is unlimited and your bio-data and photograph can be viewed by millions of matrimonial service seekers in India and Indians staying or settled abroad. Availability of Photograph hosting is an additional facility which will help you to take spot decisions.
  7. Is this service is available to all over India?
    Yes.  This service is available to all castes and religions of India spread across the country and Indians staying or settled abroad.
  8. A Foreigner can be a member of your Institution?
    Sorry, this service is available only to Indian citizens wherever they may be.
  9. Is this service is available to Indians but with foreign origin?
    Yes, after all, they are all Indians.
  10. What are the advantages of your service compared to Print Media?
    In Print Media, your ad is placed to the readers of a specified region or language only for a day whereas, millions and millions of Indian Matrimonial Service Seekers spread all over the world will view your bio-data and photograph for a period of your choice of Membership. In fact, a comparison between a particular print media’s reach and Internet is like that of a Well and an Ocean.
  11. How many words you allow in a bio-data for hosting on your website?
    A bio-data with maximum 40(forty) words inclusive of requirement of grooms/brides and any one of contact number, i.e. either Telephone, Mobile or E-mail address is the package for a given rate of bio-data hosting.
  12. If bio-data, requirements and contact number exceeds 40 words, then?
    Exceeding 40 words will be deleted/edited at the time of hosting without notice/consent.
  13. Yes, a 40 words bio-data is too large but if one need an additional contact number for the purpose of convenience?
    Have to pay Rs.50/- for each such additional contact number.
  14. It seems, the charge for additional contact number as exorbitant!
    If so, please forget about giving additional contact number.
  15. If the bio-data, requirements and contact number with an additional contact number does not exceed prescribed limit, then the additional contact number will be charged?
    Yes, any additional contact number will be charged even if the words used below the prescribed limit of 40(forty) words.
  16. After hosting the bio-data, will you give any information to the Web-Members?
    Yes, generally we do only through SMS on mobile number but that does not binding on us. If no Mobile number used, then you may have to search through our website.
  17. Is the date of  Web-Membership is the date of hosting on website?
    NO. the validity period of bio-data on website starts from the date of hosting but if hosting is delayed due to various reasons beyond our control, then validity of Web-Membership will increase accordingly.  Generally hosting of bio-data and photograph will take place within 24 hours from acceptance of Membership at our office subject to no interruption from the internet service providers and/or any other reason beyond our control.
  18. Did one can cancel the Membership prior to hosting of bio-data on your website?
    Yes, you can collect full refund of fess and photograph from our office personally. Otherwise, we will return the Membership fee by Money Order at your given address less money order charges and photo will be mailed to you by ordinary post.
  19. Did one can cancel the Membership after hosting of bio-data on website?
    Yes. but no Membership fee will be refunded or photograph is returned.
  20. Is it possible to send bio-data and photograph through e-mail for hosting?
    Yes, but proof of Membership fee deposited with bank should reach us physically.
  21. Why there is no provision to deposit Membership Fee by cash transfer, debit or Credit Cards, etc. other than bank deposit and by money order?
    In our opinion, after marriage, one has to shoulder more responsibilities and outing to maintain a comfortable family life and by clicking from a computer mouse will not do and therefore, this is the first lesson we suggest to start with.
  22. How I can take a Web-Membership?
    Please deposit the Bio-data, photograph and fees with our office at Room No.88, Manton Super Market, Behala, Kolkata-700 034  or send the fee by money order for the required period of membership to our contact address or deposit the requisite fee in favour of ALL INDIA MARRIAGE CO-ORDINATION CENTRE  C/A No.31146526298 with State Bank of India, Behala Branch or any convenient branch of your choice from anywhere in the country and mail/courier the bio-data, photograph and Xerox copy of bank’s deposit slip to us.  It is your exclusive responsibility to deliver the requisite fees, bio-data and photograph together through any mode so as to reach our office physically otherwise no hosting will take place and no correspondence will be entertained thereon.
  23. What I will do, if the opposite party does not respond to my proposal or after few contacts?
    Please refrain from further discussion/contact with them as they are not interested in you.
  24. Members need to pay anything after marriage is settled?
    No, nothing. This is also applicable to General Visitors who enjoyed our service.
  25. Is it necessary to inform you if the marriage is settled prior to the expiry of Web-Membership?
    Yes, it is compulsory to withdraw your bio-data from vivahajog.com website.
  26. Can I add or delete any word from my bio-data after hosting on your website?
    NO, only rectification of error/s is/are allowed, that also within 24 hours from the date of hosting.
  27. How I know that my bio-data will remain on your website till the expiry of my Web-Membership?
    It is your exclusive responsibility to search through our website vivahajog.com  to find out the existence of your bio-data and photograph till the expiry of Membership.
  28. What I will do, if my bio-data and/or photograph is not available to view during any period of my Membership?
    Please inform us at once with your Web-Membership No. shown in bracket to restore your bio-data and photograph. Send another bio-data and photograph, if asked for.
  29. Any other terms and conditions of service which require special attention prior to seek Web-Membership?
    Yes. Both vivahajog.com and bibahajog.com websites are owned, promoted and managed by All India Marriage Co-Ordination Centre, Kolkata-700 034.  To become a Member of All India Marriage Co-Ordination Centre and enjoy the facilities and services as provided by their websites you must be of marriageable age strictly as per the law of the state/country of which you belongs to. The Membership Profile as supplied by you or by your representative and the contact address/number provided to us must be true and correct and Members/Representatives or Users shall not indulge in any illegal activities or cause damages in any form to other Members/Representatives or Users and to vivahajog.com website itself. The vivahajog.com is only to facilitate lawful marriages between persons who are legally competent enough to act in a decent and disciplined manner.  The vivahajog.com will not be responsible or liable in case, any wrong match making is done due to misrepresentation, misinterpretation or miscommunication or anything similar to by the parties concerned. The Members/Representatives or Users are solely responsible for interactions with other vivahajog.com Members/Representatives or Users and to verify the credibility of particulars of the prospective Grooms/Brides. The vivahajog.com reserves all rights to reject, alter, suspend, terminate the Member's information in order to correct the wordings, errors, to avoid any provocation in any form, to display concise and specific information, to remove unwanted or unnecessary information and any such matter which we feel better to avoid. No Members or his/her Representative/s or Users of this site are allowed to copy, reprint, reproduce or unlawful use of this site in part or in full. Further vivahajog.com reserves all rights to decide and act on its own discretion to any situation arises and the Members/Representatives or Users, you unconditionally agree to the discretion of the decisions of vivahajog.com. The vivahajog.com reserves all rights to claim compensation, all costs associated with it, for any damages or harm caused to the site, to its services, to its goodwill or its reputation by any of its Members/Representatives or Users. The terms of use are subject to change from time to time and it is the responsibility of the members/users to read and understand before enjoying the services of both vivahajog.com and bibahajog.com websites as the terms of services are almost identical/similar to each other.

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